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Episode 21: Dr. Christina Tarantola- following your authentic path Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing

Dr. Christina Fontana is a pharmacist, author, hypnotherapist, and transformation coach. She blends hypnotherapy, quantum physics, spirituality, and intuitive coaching to help visionary women get unstuck so they can own their brilliance out in the world.She’s the Creator of The Sacred Illumination Experience that helps female entrepreneurs transform so they can accelerate to their next level of income & impact.For the last 9 years, Dr. Christina has been providing uplifting, transformational content through her YouTube videos, articles, books, and retreats.Feel free to connect with Dr. Christina on her website or on her Facebook page! http://www.pharmacistcoach.com https://www.facebook.com/enlightenedwellnessPAYou can find Dr. Christina’s books on the shop page of her website: http://www.enlightenedwellnessPA.com/shopEmail us at:  jackofalltradespodcast2020@gmail.com if you are a jack of all trades yourself and would like to be interviewed on Season 2! We are also currently accepting stories on how your diverse interests have led to a kismet experience, along with any suggestions of topics you think we should discuss!Follow our Instagram page @jackofalltrades_podcast for updates on new releases, guests and more!  Follow our host, Sarah Bishop on Instagram @sarahpbishop for more about what she does!   Song: Strong- written by Sarah Bishop, arranged and played by Laura Lynn Crytzer
  1. Episode 21: Dr. Christina Tarantola- following your authentic path
  2. Episode 20: Leeza Ali-Composition, DYW, motherhood and following your dream, your way
  3. Episode 19: Dylan Mulvaney- Non-Binary, Spreading Joy, and Living Authentically
  4. Episode 18: Solo Episode no. 4 Lurvvvvv
  5. Episode 17: Warren Geither- Math, Mindset and Meditation

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