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I now have a website for my vocal studio! Check it out here:

At SarahBishopVocalStudio.com you can find more out about my teaching bio, check out current products and sales, view my schedule, and book online. It’s fast and easy. FAQ’s and more info about online lessons can be found on there as well. For additional teaching questions, feel free to email me directly at sarahbishopvocalstudio@gmail.com

More on Sarah’s Teaching background…

Sarah has taught for over a decade, and connects with students all over the world. Originally connecting with children when she became Pennsylvania’s Junior Miss in 2011. Her platform, “Be Your Best Self- Exposure to the Performing Arts” educated adults and children alike on the importance of art education in school. Her project garnered national attention where she was awarded the “Public Service Award” at America’s Junior Miss. She then went on to connect with children through the Ryan Seacrest studio in Cincinnati, volunteering and performing for children in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House. After school, she continued as an educator through Roundabout Theater Company’s Teaching Artist Program, where she was able to educate kids across the country on the process of putting up a full theater production. Sarah was nationally recognized in competitive choir and participated in every PMEA festival that was available to her. Sarah has also served as the Artistic Director of the StrandTastics, a youth show choir, at the Strand Theater in Pennsylvania.

She also teaches individual masterclasses on theater dance, and coaches voice and theater privately, including college audition material and cuts. Sarah works with all ages and vocal types from beginners to seasoned professionals. Sarah’s clients have been seen on Broadway, National Tours and the Voice.

Sarah has always loved teaching, being the eldest of 4 in her family. When Emily Morris of EKM studios encouraged her to look into the Institute of Vocal Advancement, she was hooked. Sarah now is developing her own studio. Click the link below to go to Sarah Bishop Vocal Studio:

Learn more about the Institute for Vocal Advancement here.

Let’s see what people have to say about Sarah….

I absolutely love Sarah! She is an incredible coach! I have only been with her for a few months,

and I have already seen an incredible improvement in my technique as well as my voice. Sarah

will push you past what you think you are capable of doing and help you realize that you can

learn to sing as well as anyone else. She is funny and kind and she makes practicing fun! She will

help you find confidence in your voice and your musical ability, and she will always hype you

up. She is an absolute 15/10. If you are wanting to learn new skills and take your voice to the

next level Sarah is the one to get you there.

Claudia (Michigan, USA)

Since starting lessons with Sarah, I have been able to hit notes that I truly never thought I would be able to successfully hit, let alone hit in a healthy and balanced manner. Sarah is so encouraging and I ALWAYS leave my lessons feeling so happy and fulfilled. Sarah works with you as an individual and her expertise tailored to my specific voice has been immensely helpful. I can’t recommend her enough as your voice teacher!!

Daisy (Chicago, USA)

I’ve always wanted to take voice lessons, but was incredibly nervous to start. One of my biggest issues is confidence but working with Sarah has been an absolute dream. My voice is stronger than ever. I finally feel confident in areas of my voice that previously held me back and can sing songs that once seemed impossible. Sarah’s teaching style is collaborative, supportive and full of fun. She brings the best energy to every session, she’s compassionate and sincerely cares about her students. I cannot recommend Sarah enough- she’s changed my life for better. 

Lexi (New York, USA)

I have been taking lessons with Sarah for a little over a year now, and the progress that we’ve

made together in taking control of my voice has just been amazing. She is probably one of the

most down to earth people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and she really strives to build an

actual relationship with her students. Sarah is wild and passionate but still so professional in the

way she teaches her students. I always feel so refreshed after singing with her. She has taught me

that my voice is a tool that can be used to explore so many different styles of music just like any

other instrument. She has pushed me to be able to hit notes below and well above what I thought

was my range, and even sing in styles that I never would have tried to pursue without her. She

will push you, but will also support you like the best bra out on the market. Singing with Sarah

has really just boosted my overall confidence and I get to share what she has taught me with my

students as well. I am so proud to not only call her my teacher, but also my friend.

Shiyloh (Hawaii, USA)

My brother-in-law let me sit in on his lesson with Sarah over the summer, and I knew after just a few minutes that I’d have to give it a try on my own. I’ve been singing and performing my whole life, but as a kid, I had kind of the wrong attitude about taking voice lessons: “I already know how to sing, why would I take lessons?” After learning so much just from sitting in on Gabe’s lesson, I decided to treat myself to a few of my own with Sarah. Her positive, playful energy is infectious and incredibly encouraging and relaxing. I feel totally safe to be silly, mess up, and try again as she has me do things with my voice I’ve never done before. After having just a handful of lessons with her, my husband and a bunch of my friends have commented after my concerts that they can really tell the difference in my voice. It feels good to know I can still get better at age 40! Thanks Sarah!

Toni (Utah, USA)

As someone with no formal musical training whatsoever, who in the pursuit of personal growth, recently decided at 44 years old to take voice lessons, I knew that my biggest obstacle was going to be getting over the discomfort of how silly the whole thing felt. Little did I know just how ridiculous some of the exercises we do in voice training would actually feel.  Fortunately, I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than Sarah. She fully acknowledges and embraces the fun, silly, absurdity of it all and in doing so creates an incredibly safe, supportive, and most importantly fun training environment.  She helped me feel confident and comfortable with letting down my guard from the first lesson. On top of everything else she’s an incredibly intuitive, effortless, and creative communicator, always knowing how to articulate what to adjust in my approach to overcome whatever challenge I’m having. Simply put, Sarah is fun, hilarious, supportive, utterly unpretentious, and extremely talented — I can’t recommend her more highly.

Gabe (California, USA)

Sarah is a brilliant teacher and my singing has come on leaps and bounds through her lessons. Her teaching has strengthened my voice and helped me to access new ways of singing, especially mixing and belting. She has built my confidence more than any other singing teacher and others have noticed and commented on how significantly my singing had improved after just a few lessons with her. Sarah helped to prepare me for a vocal audition and I landed my first professional role thanks to her incredible teaching. I always come away from my lessons with Sarah feeling motivated and excited for the next one. It’s like catching up with an old friend, but one who helps you sing really good!!!

Tessa (United Kingdom)

When I started with Sarah, I had never taken a voice lesson in my life and was beyond nervous to have anyone hear me sing. After 8 lessons with Sarah, I auditioned for my first community theater musical and made it into the show! I couldn’t have had the courage or training to do it without Sarah!

Rachel (Texas, USA)

Since joining Sarah’s studio about 2 months ago, I’ve noticed significant growth in my voice, being able to belt with ease and sing a wide range of music from musical theater and choir styles of singing, to pop and rnb. She’s incredibly skilled at targeting specific issues in your technique and fixes them in just a few lessons. Sarah is incredibly supportive and kind, and builds me up constantly. I can’t express how grateful I am to be part of her studio!

Saumya (California, USA)

Sarah is awesome! I started working with her as a novice singer and have already seen so much improvement in my pitch accuracy and vocal range after just a few lessons. Sarah is so much fun to work with and does such a great job of making each lesson an experience that is both educational and enjoyable at the same time. Sarah has helped me become more competent and confident in my singing abilities and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to do the same. 

Zach (Los Angeles, USA)

When I started lessons with Sarah, I was head voice dominant. With her help, I have been able to not only discover my mix voice, but utilize my chest voice as well, and have cut down on the amount of vibrato I use! Sarah is an excellent instructor, and with her lessons I’ve finally become confident enough with my voice to pursue my music in a way I never have before. Thank you, Sarah!

Alison (Florida, USA)

I’ve been working with Sarah for about a year and I can’t stress how much of an outstanding teacher she is. My breath control, pitch accuracy, and overall technique has improved tremendously with her help. She gives great feedback, as well as exercises that   very specifically target what I need to work on.  She has helped me gain a lot of confidence on the upper end of my voice and I’ve been able to hit notes that I didn’t think were possible for me in the past. I really appreciate how Sarah emphasizes vocal health and checks in with me to make sure my voice feels good throughout each lesson. I highly recommend her as a teacher!

Stephen (New York, USA)

Ms. Sarah was so patient as everyone tackled their technology challenges, and she was very encouraging as the students one by one dealt with a new kind of stage fright – singing alone to a computer!  Every single teacher [student] has had in her years with CAPAS have been incredible so I just wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated, especially in times like these!

Class Act Parent

Sarah has been a positive influence and role model for our teenage daughter in musical theatre as well as life in general. She is reliable and communicates efficiently and effectively.  Sarah has a wonderful personality and she is a lot of fun. We often hear giggling and energetic voices during the weekly lesson.  Sarah has provided a wealth of information and opportunities for our daughter. She is very knowledgeable and she is open to collaboration with her students.  As parents who are not experienced in artistic endeavors, Sarah’s willingness to guide us through it has been valuable.  Our daughter has grown both artistically and personally since she began her lessons with Sarah.

Parent of Student (Pennsylvania, USA)

Sarah is an amazing teacher and she has helped immensely with my singing and I’ve made so much progress. I am so thankful for such a great, kind, supportive, and caring voice teacher! 

Lyla (Wisconsin, USA)

Sarah is highly educated, experienced, and well versed in many genres of music, musical theatre, and dance.  As such, she has been a very willing and able substitute on short notice.  While new to my faculty, it was evident from the beginning that Sarah is a true team player at the studio.  She is caring, kind, and works well with other faculty and staff members.  She is great with all ages and experience levels, and has a great energy in and out of the classroom.  I find her to be highly reliable and professional, while also having a lovely personality and spirit to be around.  She has been such a valuable asset to the studio this year.

Page O’Connor, Executive Director of Class Act Performing Arts Studio

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